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tai chi classes
to improve health and vitality

"Journal of the American Medical Association" found that Tai Chi can help improve the balance of the elderly
and help reduce the risk of falling. In fact, in comparison to other exercises, including weight training,
stretching, endurance training, and balance training, Tai Chi was the most beneficial exercise,"
(JAMA , May 3, 1995, Vol 273).

Many studies have shown Tai Chi can reduce stress, enhance mental agility, strengthen the immune system, lower high blood pressure, increase balance and reduce falls. Regular practice of Tai Chi can improve circulation and maintain the flexibility and strength of joints.

Tai Chi exercise is a part of the 4,000 year-old system of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is characterized by a series of slow, gentle, dance-like movements performed in a relaxed and conscious manner. Tai Chi synchronizes body movements with our breathing to foster peace and serenity within.. The purpose of practicing Tai Chi is to tame our minds and to cultivate the flow of energy (Qi) throughout the whole body. Tai Chi, in essence, is really a form of meditation in motion to improve our overall health.

schedule and enrolment details

Instructor: Ban B. Wong

Beginner Level Class:


Mondays and Sundays

5:30 – 6:30 pm  TBA



Intermediate Level Class:

Mondays and Sundays

6:30 – 7:30 pm  TBA

Individual and Group Classes also available upon request.

Tel: 303.968.7599
E-mail: healthyqi@yahoo.com

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