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commonly treated conditions

Rheumatoid arthritis, is characterized by inflammation (swelling, heat, redness and pain) in and around joints. The degree of inflammation fluctuates, possibly following changes in the stress levels of the body. Rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by periods of exacerbation and remission, but pain often persists once the inflammation has subsided. Acupuncture stimulates the adrenals to produce natural steroids, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. Since they are produced by the body, they do not cause side effects. Acupuncture is very effective at relieving this pain by inactivating trigger points around the joints.

Osteoarthritis involves the gradual wearing away of cartilage in joints along with the deposition of calcium, which limits mobility of the joint. Acupuncture stimulates the parathyroid glands to produce the hormone that draws calcium out of bones, only in this case, the hormone works on the arthritic deposits. Research in China has shown that bony spurs on the vertebrae of the neck have disappeared after several courses of acupuncture treatment. More research needs to be done. When the joint reaches a certain level of deterioration, acupuncture will not restore it to a normal state. It is, however, extremely effective at controlling the pain that often accompanies this deterioration.

Gouty arthritis is characterized by deposits of oxalic acid that make movement of the joint extremely painful. Gouty arthritis tends to come and go with changes in stress levels and diet. When it comes to arthritis pain relief, a 1997 consensus statement from the National Institutes of Health listed several conditions, including osteoarthritis, for which acupuncture "may be useful" when combined with standard medical care.

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disorder of carbohydrate metabolism which is characterized by hyperglycemia. Without proper management, diabetes can become a serious health problem that can lead to heart conditions, kidney failure, blindness, amputation of the leg, impotence, and even death. Besides Insulin, the western approach uses Hypoglycemic Agentsare to lower blood sugar level directly These agents can lower blood sugar temporarily. Many diabetic patients have the experiences; they rely on these agents repeatedly for many years. However, a long-term drug (hypoglycemic Agents) stimulation of the pathologic beta cells could make into a fatigue state and inhibit the automatic secretion of insulin. This is why the nearly diabetics could be controlled by oral drugs, while the disease became serious, the stronger dosage of drug must be added and eventually insulin injection may be required.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal Therapy can offer tremendous support for men and women suffering from urinary problems not bothersome enough to warrant surgery. They can provide the nutritional support, strengthen one's ability to control, and make the embarrassment go away. They work to restore normal urinary flow by supporting the energy (Qi) and function of kidneys and bladder system. Chinese herbal formulas have been in use to help the body balance itself for thousands of years.
Using an herbal formula that contains nurturing Chinese herbs may be very helpful if you suffer from urinary incontinence. The Chinese approach honors the kidneys as the master organs involved in healthy bladder function. Acupuncture and Herbs can enhance and nourish the kidneys' Qi. This helps the bladder muscles to hold urine in for such symptoms as frequent urination, urinary incontinence, and dribbling of urine. Other benefits are stabilizing the genitourinary tract, supporting the kidneys in expelling water from the body, and strengthening the cardiovascular system by supporting healthy blood flow and blood pressure.

TCM views infertility as a state of Qi weakness and Blood deficiency. Infertility is also a condition stemming from systemic imbalance and aging. In China, acupuncture has been utilized to manage pain such as in dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, premenstrual tension syndrome, breast pain, prostate pain and bladder pain. Studies from China also showed that acupuncture can be used to promote hormonal regulation in uterine fibroids, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, anovulation, and premature menopause. It is a safe and effective treatment.

Herbs also not only contain many different varieties of nutrients and vitamins which are essential to the body, they facilitate the flow and growth of Qi and blood. According to TCM theory, as Qi and blood are invigorated in the womb, they create fertile ground for seeds to grow and flourish. They could also be helpful for women who have lost muscle tone from repeated childbirths. Studies from China have suggested the effectiveness of herbal treatment in the areas of luteal phase defect, endometriosis, immunological infertility and male infertility.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views almost all sleep disorders as stemming from either a deficiency in yin or from a surplus of qi in body organs, mainly the kidneys and heart. In the west, studies have shown that some insomnia may be due to a deficiency of endorphins (the body's own natural painkillers), and thus acupuncture is often a useful therapy. During acupuncture, patients tend to become drowsy or even fall asleep, possibly because of increased levels of central nervous system endorphins. Traditional Chinese Medicine also stresses the need to observe the body's natural daily cycle.

Chinese herbs treat insomnia by focusing on bringing the yin and yang imbalances within the body that cause those symptoms back to equilibrium. For example, sedative herbs such as hops and valerian are used to relax the nervous system to that you enjoy natural, restorative sleep. Each herb contains a variety of active constituents and has a main action and several subsidiary actions which determine the conditions for which it is most appropriate.

Menopause may occur anywhere between the ages of forty-eight and fifty-two, but it can occur as early as your late thirties, or as late as your mid-fifties. Many women may experience hot flashes, dizziness, night sweats, restless sleep, low back pain, memory problems, and vaginal dryness. Hormone replacement therapy has been a therapy of choice for the treatment of these symptoms. However, in July, 2002, a press release from National Institute of Health stated, "The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has stopped early a major clinical trial of the risks and benefits of combined estrogen and progestin in healthy menopausal women due to an increased risk of invasive breast cancer." To offset the risks, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can safely be used together with hormone replacement or on its own as a complete system of healing. Taking into account of all physical and emotional symptoms of menopause, a Chinese medical provider administers an individualized treatment combining the use of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition, massage, and Tai Chi or Qi Gong to ease the body's Qi and hormones back into balance.

Chinese herbs have been used as an effective treatment of gynecological conditions and menopausal symptoms for thousands of years in China. There are many herbs that can help improve menopausal symptoms and women's health conditions. Custom herbal formulas are prescribed according to each patient's body constitution and needs. Herbs can provide the essence and nutrition to replenish the body's fluids and nourish the body's Qi and Blood back to harmony and balance.

The special effect of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs is that they can quickly improve the blood circulation of cerebral and cerebellum cortices and relieve the abnormally enlarged, contracted or retarded cerebral blood vessels. They can help patients achieve a complete and lasting remedy for migraine, tense headache (nerve headache) and various chronic headaches. The treatments can also improve health, invigorate the brain and prevent various brain and blood diseases without any side effects.

Chinese Herbs are pure, peaceful and healthy. They can improve the body functions and the supply of oxygen to the brain cells and make people healthier and more energetic. Some herbs can even be taken by people without any headache to improve their memory and concentration.

Both the United Nations World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health endorse acupuncture as a treatment for stroke-related disabilities. Successful acupuncture studies with stroke patients have been conducted in Norway and Sweden, with promising results. Besides increasing the blood circulation in the brain, acupuncture help relax the muscles and blood vessels.

Chinese Herbs are pure, peaceful and healthy. Herbs contains anticoagulant compounds good for heart attack prevention because of their blood-thinning effect and their ability to help control high blood pressure. These same effects also help prevent ischemic stroke. Some herbs can even be taken by people without any headache to improve their memory and concentration. Herbs can improve the body functions and the supply of oxygen to the brain cells and make people healthier and more energetic.

Weight Control
There are many popular diet plans in the market today from Dr. Arkins' high protein diet to Dr. Dean Ornish's vegetarian diet. Many Americans are looking for an effective weight control program, but there is really no "one size fits all" solution. Traditional Chinese Medicine sees overweight problems as an imbalance in the Qi (energy) of digestive system and endocrine system. In order to bring our body back into balance and to lose weight, one must focus not only on the body, but on the mind. Acupuncture treatment is not just to promote a general well-being, it can strengthen our will power and Qi (energy). To lose weight, we must discipline both our mind and body. With a stronger will, and Qi, our blood will be gradually purified through the elimination of fat and cholesterol from our body.

People often read of a particular herb's ability to make them thin, vital, or cure their illness. This in most cases is misleading and a partial truth. The claims made for energy enhancement or weight loss will rarely work for all body types. Different bodies are energetically different and do not have the same energetic needs.

Chinese Herbs are tonics to your stomach and intestines which will help them operate at their optimum efficiency. Natural Qi from the herbs will be carried through the blood to various parts of the body where it will promote the breaking down of fat which will then be disposed of through the intestines.

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